Extra Curricular


Every year Mutiara’s students in Reception and Junior School take to the stage to showcase their best talents in the Performing Arts. These Assemblies are opportunities for students to develop their acting and public speaking skills, as well as on stage theatrical skills including, singing, dancing. Students will also have the opportunity to develop “backstage” theatrical skills including set design, makeup, and costumes, music, and lighting. The students of Junior School are always prepared to participate in the Assemblies and take great pride in producing a quality theatrical production open to their families which has never failed to impress. The most recent Assemblies are:

  • Reception: Gingerbread Boy, June 2019 
  • Year 1: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, May 2019
  • Year 2: Cinderella, February 2019.
  • Year 3: Fa Mulan, January 2019.
  • Year 4: Alice in Wonderland, November 2018.
  • Year 5: The Jungle Book, October 2018.
  • Year 6: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, July 2019

Monday Morning Assembly in Junior School 

A full School assembly for all year groups (Reception to year 6) is held every Monday in the main hall. Starts off with all members of staff and students congregated in the hall and sing Malaysian National anthem with pride and MIGS School Song with joy. 

During these assemblies teachers and student showcase a short presentation with a message for all, besides which student achievement is recognized and certificates are presented.  

Junior School also follows a Merit System in line with the 6 Kinds of Behavior (KOB). Every student who has achieved 50 Merit points (collected from all their teachers) will be awarded a Bronze certificate. Next is students who have received a 100 Merit points will be awarded the Silver Merit Certificate students. After which is the Gold Certificate – which awarded to students during our end of year Speech Day, this is a certificate to be cherished received in recognition of all the good work and deeds done throughout that academic year.

Reception Graduation

A Symbolic Graduation ceremony is held for pupils in Reception at the conclusion of their course of study at the end of Term 3. Proud parents are invited for the occasion, where their children’s achievement is celebrated with great ceremony.

Formal School Assembly in Senior School

Full School Assemblies are held every Friday in the main hall. A school assembly has the role of a platform for communicating matters of significance it aims to create, nurture and sustain a sense of community within the school. The assemblies serve to develop a positive school ethos that affirms the school’s identity and aspirations. The result is a school community that lives in cohesive harmony that sustains the pursuit of excellence in all its forms. The weekly assembly can also be considered as a family meeting where all students from Years 7 to 11 come together, fostering a sense of unity and belonging. All teachers are assigned on a termly basis to prepare and lead the students before and during the assembly.

The assemblies are organized on topical themes in the whole year through. On some occasions, the Senior School organizes assemblies in response to momentous current events, (eg. War in Gaza). During festivities, assemblies in the Senior School take a celebratory theme of the festival, namely, Thaipusam, Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Diwali, and Christmas.S

Themes for assemblies usually include the term’s subject area or key value. Some assemblies inject a sense of fun and familiarity, via student-organized games and activities during their assembly presentation. Recent assembles in the Senior School in 2019 include: 

  • Presentation on Student’s Work
  • Superheroes
  • ‘Family Values in MIGS’
  • Autism Awareness
  • Green Week

The skills acquired in the production of an Assembly transfers to many other areas of curriculum academically and as a part of ensuring a well-rounded education that caters to the students’ personal development in areas such as the building of self-confidence, teamwork, public speaking, and interpersonal communication.

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