About Us

Educators' Profile

Educators are the greatest asset of a school. Our educators represent over a dozen nationalities, and collectively over a century of international education experience. This makes the academic rigor and holistic education at Mutiara International Grammar School one of the finest in the nation. 

Our educators possess the willingness, creativity, enthusiasm, and motivation to reach out and connect with students of all backgrounds, ages, and races in and beyond the classroom. This ensures that students enter learning spaces eager to learn and leave with a passionate commitment to lifelong learning.

Notably Perceptive

Mutiara International Grammar School prides itself on have a strong camaraderie between educators and students. Our class sizes are kept small to increase personalized contact, allowing educators to focus on the individual needs of our students. This is the foundation of a supportive learning environment that lets our students thrive academically and non-academically. The personalized contact allows our educators to understand the student’s thought process, and apply the didactic approach that will ensure students will learn, grow and surpass everyone’s expectations.

Collectively Strong

Mutiara International Grammar School’s dedicated cadre of educators hails from diverse backgrounds and nationalities. Mutiara’s professional educators possess over a century of international education experience and an expert within their chosen subject. The common defining attribute of our educators is the collective belief that it is their responsibility to identify and nurture the talents of their students to ensure academic and lifelong success.

Continuously Learning

Learning is a lifelong process not just for students, but also for all educators and staff at Mutiara.  Mutiara International Grammar School provides continuous professional development so that our educators remain at the forefront of both teaching methodology but also in their knowledge of their chosen subjects. Mutiara provides formal and informal training ranging from in-house sessions to national and international workshops, conferences, and strategic meetings.

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