School Life

Safety and Security

As a school, Mutiara observes strict rules when it comes to the safety and security of all students and staff. We believe in creating a safe environment suitable for learning, personal development and individual growth. Security precautions for the school grounds include, but are not limited to:

  • 24-hour monitoring through CCTV cameras and security personnel.
  • Designated drop-off and pick-up areas within school grounds under close supervision from security personnel.
  • Registration and verification of visitors at the guardhouse prior to entering the school.
  • Escort by security personnel into school grounds until a point of contact with school staff is reached.
  • Approval from Head of School prior to taking out a student during school hours due to illness, injury or any other reasons.
  • Prohibition of students leaving the school grounds during school hours.
  • Supervised waiting area for late student pick-up after school hours.
  • Insurance coverage for every student while at school and during school trips/camps.
  • Designated smoke-free zone for the entirety of the schools’ grounds.
  • Regular fire and other safety drills are conducted to ensure that our students and staff know what to do in various emergency situations
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