School Life

Outsourced Student Transport

Mutiara International Grammar School works with safe and reliable transport providers that comply with Malaysian Land Public Transport rules and regulations. Our transport providers have been valued partners, providing their service to Mutiara for close to 10 years. Students pick up and drop off takes place within the school grounds, and is actively monitored by our own security personnel.

All student transport vehicles are fitted with safety belts and air-conditioned to maximize both safety and comfort. Fees are charged based on the discretion of transport providers and depending on the distance from home to the school.

For more information, please contact our Admissions Department at 03 4252 1452 or via email at

Please Note:

  • Mutiara will only provide the contact information for our transportation service providers and that it is a private arrangement between parents and the transport operators. Mutiara staff and representatives are not liable in any shape or form
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